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    Various tools to assist the assessor's offices with their assessment processes. Introduction to STARS and MARS, planning for annual revaluation, and public relations materials for annual revaluation.

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    Information and materials presented in annual revaluation training.

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    Valuation area delineation, coding, sales verification and validation information.

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    Mass appraisal report examples, commercial modeling examples, public relations examples, example request for proposals, and example data standards manuals.

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    Archived annual revaluation information

Annual Revaluation

During the 2009 session, the Washington State Legislature passed legislation that requires all counties will revalue property on an annual basis by 2014. The Department of Revenue is directed to provide guidance and assistance to county assessors so that they may convert to annual revaluation.RCW 84.41.030

What type of information will I find at this site?

The type of annual information that you will find at this site includes: reports, articles, samples of tools used by counties, an overview of tools that counties may request from the DOR, and other information. Counties using cyclical or multi-year revaluation cycles are preparing for their transition to the annual revaluation of property, while counties that currently revalue all property on an annual basis may be looking for methods to enhance their current practices. The information on this site is available to counties with either type of revaluation program.

Revaluation Team Contact Information:

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Cindy Boswell Supervisor (509) 885-9842 CindyB@dor.wa.gov
Marilyn O'Connell Revaluation Specialist (360) 534-1364


Marc Leverington County Review Auditor (360) 534-1421


Current Status of Counties: