Historical Documents

Low Income Housing Valuation Workgroup

01/17/2008 Present Value Handbook Model

01/17/2008 Present Value Model 30-30

01/17/2008 Present Value Model 30-33

01/17/2008 Standard Statement of Work (SOW)

04/11/2008: IAAO Speech

04/11/2008: IAAO Speech, Powerpoint

05/03/2007 Beacon Presentation

05/03/2007 First Meeting Powerpoint

05/03/2007 Meeting Notes

08/16/2007 Presentation; "Powerpoint Basics"

09/01/2008 Low-Income Housing Valuation Guide

09/13/2007 Meeting Notes: HB 1450

09/13/2007: Meeting Notes HB 2059

2011 - Assessor and Treasurer Memos

Bargain & Sale Deed Memorandum

Changes to the 2012 State Ratio Study

Special Warranty Deed Memorandum

2010 - Assessor and Treasurer Memos

Senior Levy Webinar 11/2010

2009 - Assessor and Treasurer Memos

2008 Average Wheat Price Memo 5/15/09

Identifying Short Sales, Foreclosure Sales and Auction Sales for Ratio Study Analysis 2/2/09

Ratio Subcommittee Recommendations 6/30/09

2008 - Assessor and Treasurer Memos

2008 Five-Year Average Grain Price

Adding New Value to the Assessment Rolls

Assessors Listing of Exempt Properties

Deferral Application for Homeowners with Limited Incomes

Implementation Memo - Changing disposable income Calculation

Implementation of SSB 6389 (C84 L 08)

Implementation of the limited income deferral program

Interpretations for the Limited Income Deferral Program

Property Tax Deferral for Homeowners with Limited Income

Valuation Advisory Assistance for 2009 Assessment Year

Assessor and Treasurer Memos 2007

2007 Five-Year Average Grain Price

2007 for 2008 Direct Counter Cyclical L D P Model Farms

2007 for 2008 Wheat Prices

Annual Assessors Listing of Exempt Properties

Assessor's Certificate of Assessment Rolls to the County Board of Equalization

Certification of Assessment Rolls for Locally Assessed Property

Personal Property Stratification Report Changes

2007 Special Session Deferral Workgroup

DOR: Property Tax Deferral Program Available to Qualified Homeowners in 2008

House Bill (HB) 2416 - Reinstating the Provisions of Initiative 747 (I-747)

Utility Assessment Memos

2006 Tax Code Area Maps, Statement, and Summary of Changes

2007 Intercounty Utility Assessments

Assessment Issues Of Electric Generation Wind Turbine Facilities