Additional Training Opportunities

Accreditation Continuing Education Credits for Advisory Appraisals

In 2009, the Department of Revenue created a program that provides county appraisal staff with more opportunities to obtain continuing education credits to use toward their Accreditation certification renewals. County appraisers can now assist members of the Department's Valuation Advisory Group when they are conducting Advisory Appraisals. If the Department is conducting an Advisory Appraisal in your county, you may assign one appraiser per Advisory Appraisal from your office to assist with the appraisal. A maximum of 30 Accreditation continuing education credits may be earned per year for participating in this program. (Note: Continuing education credits earned from assisting with Advisory Appraisals cannot be used toward the Department of Licensing real estate appraiser continuing education requirements. ) Below is a brief summary of the guidelines.

The county appraiser is responsible for…

  • successfully completing IAAO Course 102, Income Approach to Valuation, prior to submitting an application (required prerequisite).
  • contacting and coordinating the training with the Department's appraiser assigned to the county’s Advisory Appraisal.
  • tracking the appraisal activities performed, the number of hours, and obtaining all signatures required on the application form before the conclusion of the Advisory Appraisal.
  • submitting a copy of the completed application form with their renewal accreditation application if they want to use the hours earned from the Advisory Appraisal. For more information on this program, please contact the Education Specialist at (360) 534-1424.

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Department of Licensing – course approval list

Another method for obtaining continuing education credit is through classes offered by other course providers that the Department of Licensing (DOL) has approved. If DOL has approved a class on the list for continuing education credit, the Department of Revenue will also accept those credits for accreditation purposes. An updated list of classes can be found at: