What type of information will I find at this site?

The education information you will find maintained at this site includes an annual training calendar, course announcements, course catalog, and instructions for joining a listserv that notifies members about upcoming educational events. The training calendar includes course dates, course descriptions , location, continuing education or general interest credit hours and cost.

Who sponsors the courses?

The courses are offered jointly by the Department of Revenue Property Tax Division and the Washington State Association of County Assessors (WSACA). The courses are available to all government personnel.

How do I register for a class?

Once you have joined our notification service, you will receive an e-mail notification with the course announcement and registration form. The registration form and payment should be submitted as soon as possible unless otherwise instructed. The registration form will indicate where and when the registration form should be mailed in order to reserve your attendance in the course.

Property Tax Training Notifications

What if I have questions?

Contact the Property Tax Division at (360) 534-1400 and you will be referred to the education section.