Important Information

REET Information

Here is some helpful information regarding Real Estate Excise Tax (R% penalty assessed on the current year’s delinquent taxes (June 1) (RCW 84.56.020).EET).

Statewide Commercial Sales

This database allows users to search for statewide commercial sales that have been provided by some counties. Here are instructions if you'd like to gain access and/or upload your county's commercial sales.

Nonprofit & Tribal Property Tax Exemption Search

This database allows users to search for properties currently receiving a property tax exemption under chapter 84.36 RCW based on qualifying use by a nonprofit organization or tribal government.

Upcoming Deadlines

September 1

  • Applications for limited income deferrals are due Sept. 1 (RCW 84.37.040).
  • Boundaries for Mosquito Districts must be established for levy collection next year (Sept. 1) (RCW 17.28.253).
  • Boundaries of school districts that receive or annex territory due to an insolvent school district must be established (Sept. 1).

September 2

  • (On or before the first Tuesday) County auditors’ preliminary budgets are due to Boards of County Commissioners (RCW 36.40.050).

September 5

  • (The first Monday) DOR determines the indicated ratio for each county (RCW 84.48.075).

September 15

  • Assessor submits the following reports to the DOR Property Tax Division:
    • Certificate of new construction value (form REV 64 0059)
    • Real property sales study (Sept. 15)
  • Designated forest land composite tax rate is due Sept. 15 to the DOR Forest Tax Division.

September 30

  • (Prior to Oct. 1) Timber Assessed Value (TAV) calculated for each county (RCW 84.33.035).

*If a due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the due date changes to the next business day (RCW 1.12.070).