References and Examples

Mass Appraisal Report Examples

Below are links to several examples of mass appraisal reports. These reports have been posted to the corresponding counties website or permission has been given to us by the county to post to the PTRC. Other counties may have similar reports that are not published to their websites. For more information, please contact those counties directly.

Commercial Modeling Examples

Below are several examples of commercial modeling. For further information, please contact the county directly.

  • Kitsap County has developed a variety of commercial models using the income and cost approaches which can be used for the mass appraisal of commercial property. These models are available in PDF format and can be accessed by visiting Kitsap County's website at the website links below. They also have examples of income questionnaires, income model specification, and other information about mass appraisal of commercial property.
  • Thurston County has also developed commercial models and below is their procedures for developing and using a commercial sales approach in appeals. They have also developed a spreadsheet that uses income model coefficients to estimate apartment values.

Public Relations

Sample of a PowerPoint presentation developed and used by assessors:

Articles introducing annual revaluation to stakeholders:

Example Request for Proposals (RFP'S) for Purchase of Software:

Data Standards Manuals:

Data Standard Manuals written by County Assessor offices are available by request or below if a link is provided. Please contact one of the team members above, or contact the county assessor directly

References for Assessors with references to resources covering; Valuation Models, Ratio Studies & Statistical Analysis, GIS, Personal Property, Property Characteristics, Neighborhood Data and Delineation, Coding, and Sales Verification.