Training Power Point Presentations:

Below are the Power Point Presentations from various Annual Revaluation Team trainings.

  • Valuation Area Delineation

    Valuation Areas are groupings of properties based on locational characteristics for the purposes of analysis and valuation of properties for property tax assessments. The basic purpose of Valuation Areas is better equity in your assessments. In this presentation we cover definitions, methodologies, the process of delineation, use in analysis and mass appraisal and some general tips regarding Valuation Areas.

  • STARS & Statistical Analysis Class
  • A statistical analysis overview on market and assessment analysis utilizing STARS (Statistical Tool for Analytics and Ratio Studies).

    • STARS & Statistical Analysis Power Point Presentation
    • STARS Data Format Examples - This workbook presents examples and exercises on data issues with Excel including data formats, replacement considerations and automation of conversions. These are issues that are often encountered when exporting data from a database into Excel.
  • MARS Modeling Introduction Class

    An introduction to model specification and calibration and to a tool called MARS (Model Analysis ReSource), a tool is designed to help bridge the gap between modeling theory and the construction of your formulas and/or tables.

An overview of the STARS and MARS tools from the DOR given at the 2010 WSACA Conference.